Wraps provide foodservice establishments a vast variety of options to make available to their consumers. Like its cousin, the sandwich, a wrap can play roles from quick and easy budget menu items for around $1 to healthy and good for you to intricate gourmet foodie experiences for $10 and higher. Wraps also allow you to further your sandwich menu.

The alternative sandwich

Anything that can be a sandwich can be a wrap. According to US Foods, the idea of what constitutes a “sandwich” has expanded as more restaurants introduce wraps as an alternative to the between-two-slices-of-bread format.  

"Today's consumer expects greater customization and broader options," says Darren Tristano, executive vice president, Technomic. "Trends in portion flexibility, variety, freshness and shareability have come to the forefront of this segment. Shareable options give operators a chance to go beyond the standard menu. Often these ethnic and next-level sandwiches, which focus on gourmet ingredients and toppings, are introduced through mini sandwiches or wraps. Giving consumers smaller, shareable portion options can be considered healthier with fewer calories. This trend shows no signs of slowing down."

Wraps that work

While wraps can contain anything you’d like, or more importantly, anything that sells well, the most popular protein for wraps is consistently the same. Chicken is the most-featured protein on wraps at 80%, according to recent research by Food Genius, a provider of research and insight solutions to the food industry. The research also shows that 27% of operator locations nationwide offer wraps on their menus.

After chicken, pork is the most popular protein found on wraps. A wide variety of vegetables and cheeses are found on wraps, as well as a wide variety of condiments. Popular cheeses like cheddar and Swiss make up the bulk of those seen on high selling wraps. Lettuce and tomato are the most popular vegetables with condiments like ranch dressing and mustard (Dijon and honey varieties especially) topping them off.

Additional advantages of wraps

Room for large variety of options from traditional fare to new and innovative flavors

Provide gluten-free and low carb items

Make available as singles or in bulk

Offer pre-made orders for pickup (apply a minimum number and lead time requirement)

Kids love them

Ready made wraps

For the bakery cafe that prefers not to produce wraps in-house, Sargento Culinary Solutions offers kits that include sauce, tortillas, cheese, grilled/rotisserie chicken or other proteins, beans, rice, vegetables, foil wraps, labels and easy to follow instructions. Flavors include Baja Burrito, Ranchero Burrito, Asian Wrap, Chicken Ranch Wrap, BBQ Chicken Wrap, Chix Parmigiana Wrap and Southwest Chicken.