Fresh Brothers, a Los Angeles-based pizza chain, is rolling out a new pizza crust called the Skinny. A wafer-thin crust is piled with Fresh Brothers' toppings, offering a whole new kind of taste.

"The skinny crust rocks. Half the dough, half the carbs, and totally delicious," said Adam Goldberg, Fresh Brothers founder & CEO.

This skinny crust began as something the brothers would cook for themselves. "My brother Scott would roll out half the dough of a regular pizza crust, and we'd load it up with our favorite toppings, just for ourselves," says Adam. "Pretty soon, we got to thinking: people would love this as much as we do."

Of course, it wasn't quite that easy. "It took us a few months to get it just right. We take a lot of pride in our pizza, and we weren't going to put it in front of our customers until it was perfect."

So far, customers who've had a sneak peek (make that a sneak bite) have given it rave reviews.

The crust comes out crispy, a bit crunchy, but still something you can sink your teeth into. "We don't change the amount of toppings," says Goldberg. "So if you order Da Works with a skinny crust, you get exactly the same amount of toppings. The only thing that's different is the crust. But that makes a huge difference, and the total taste is fantastic."

The skinny crust fits perfectly into Fresh Brothers menu. "We have our Chicago-style Deep Dish, which is a very hefty pizza. Our thin crust is something that everyone loves. And now the skinny crust—a little lighter, but still satisfying.  If you've made a resolution to cut your carb intake, this is the pizza for you. It's got half the carbs, and all the taste."

Adam and Debbie Goldberg opened the first Fresh Brothers in 2008. The idea: To take their traditional Chicago-style family recipes, originally created by Adam's older brother, Scott Goldberg, and give them a fresh California twist. Their dough is hand-tossed, their sauce a secret blend of spices shipped in from Chicago. The mozzarella is made specifically for pizza, and is some of the best in the country.  Their wings are baked, never fried. Their salads are hand-chopped and hand-tossed, with over 40 ingredients to choose from, plus 19 different dressings. Fresh Brothers also offers a gluten-free and vegan menu, which was developed using a training program by National Foundation for Celiac Awareness. 

Fresh Brothers has eight locations in and around Los Angeles, including their newest at 1447 Lincoln Blvd, at Broadway, in Santa Monica. In addition to their legions of fans, they've also garnered a number of national accolades, most recently Pizza Today's "Independent Pizzeria of the 2012." Late last year, they shot up to at #16 on's "2012 Top 100 Movers & Shakers."

Fresh Brothers is online at