Image courtesy of Caulipower
The limits of the incredible vegetable cauliflower have been explored in recent years as retailers look for ways to innovate with taste and nutrition in their products.

Cauliflower is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, health-promoted phytochemicals, and anti-inflammatory compounds. It's also a source of natural antioxidants and helps improve digestion and detoxification. It’s no surprise then that cauliflower has seen a resurgence as a super food.

Pie Five Pizza Co. recently became the first casual pizza chain to introduce a cauliflower pizza crust. The new crust is gluten-free and contains 40 net carbohydrates, which is less than half of the net carbohydrates in any of Pie Five’s other crusts.

“Cauliflower is exploding in popularity due to its taste and amazing health benefits,” says Christina Coy, Vice President of Marketing for Pie Five Pizza Co. “We were inspired to incorporate this versatile veggie to create a healthier crust that is still super delicious. Now, with the debut of our cauliflower crust, health conscious guests don't have to cut pizza out of their diet.” 

Smoothies are a beverage category that has benefitted from cauliflower’s inclusion. Last year, the vegetable burst onto the scene, becoming a vital part of the smoothie trend that has caught on with the rise in convenient, grab-and-go options.

Adding frozen cauliflower to smoothies thickens the texture and adds nutrients, and it can’t even be tasted. It is cheap, edible, and provides a major beverage boost.

For those looking to add cauliflower to baked goods, there are even convenient options for that now.  Caulipower specializes in comfort foods reinvented with cauliflower. Now, the company has released a cauliflower-based flour, available for purchase on Amazon.

Cauli-Flour by Caulipower can be swapped cup-for-cup with any other flour in a recipe, meaning that anything from pizza crusts, waffles, brownies, muffins, flatbreads, cookies, bagels, and even pie crusts is possible. There is even a Paleo version available that is said to be 1/3 lower in fat and lower in calories than the average paleo mixes.