The craft of baking is enjoying a renaissance in America. This trend presents a great opportunity for you to share the story of your bakery with the public. Why is this so important? Storytelling is a highly effective tool to promote your brand in an authentic manner.

“The key to any good content is your unique story,” says Penny Hardman, associate content director for Sullivan Higdon & Sink, a Kansas-based marketing and advertising agency. “Create content for your audience and answer the questions they are asking.”

Providing relevant and engaging content to consumers may involve stepping out of your comfort zone. Maybe you don’t have time to write a blog or post updates on Facebook or Instagram. That’s why you hire someone (or appoint a member of your bakery team) to handle it.

“If writing isn’t your thing, try a video blog,” Hardman says. “Video is the most engaging content you can put online. Let your story do the talking.”

Advertising and content are two separate things, she adds to emphasize an important point. Advertising is what the brand wants. Content is what your customers want. The key is meeting your customers where they are in their journey of discovery and providing content that is compelling to them. Try different social media strategies to uncover where your customers are following.

“Instagram lets you tell a visual story, so what a great platform to show your original work,” Hardman says.

People in Kansas City, for example, view acclaimed local chocolatier Christopher Elbow as a creative thought leader. They want to know more about him. They are intrigued by the inspirations behind his chocolate creations. Elbow has nearly 17,000 followers on Facebook.

“Bakeries are the same way,” Hardman says. “People want to know: What are your habits? Their (the bakers) days are so different than ours. That’s what makes it so interesting.”

Hardman strongly believes that if you show the habits of your brand in your community, your bakery is sure to win success.

“Remember, it’s about your audience,” she says. “People will come back to you if you give them content they’re looking for. Any story can be delivered. Find the heartbeat behind the message.”