Images courtesy of Cake Life Bake Shop
Geode cakes are gaining such notoriety in the cake decorating world that superstar performing artist Beyoncé recently requested a black-and-gold geode birthday cake from Cake Life Bake Shop in Philadelphia.

The custom cake, which costs several thousand dollars, took two days to construct and featured the “queen bee” colors of black and gold and three tiers of honey lavender cake. It was topped with a gold crown that resembled the one Beyoncé wore at the 2016 Grammy Awards. The cost of a geode cake can run $3,500 or more, depending on the level of detail required.

“We heard from her people that Beyoncé loved the cake,” remarks Cake Life’s co-owner Lily Fischer, a big Beyoncé fan.

A geode (or gemstone) cake is made by removing parts of the center and adding a gemstone made of rock candy or other edible materials. Popular gemstone cake ideas incorporate amethyst, rose quartz, agate, and turquoise and gold.

Wedding cake makers have been proclaiming 2017 as the year of the geode cake. For one, Mark Seaman is an expert on recognizing trends and helping brides achieve their dream wedding cakes, having taught four years as a chef instructor and master cake artist at the prestigious French Pastry School after running his own cake shop for nine years in Chicago at Marked for Dessert.

Geode wedding cakes “are huge right now,” says Seaman, CMSA, who is culinary applications chef, specialties, for Barry Callebaut. “I think a lot of cakes will be created this year based on the bride’s birthstone.”

How to make a geode cake 

According to cake decorator and blogger Jennifer Johns, here’s a step-by-step method to make a geode cake: