Image courtesy of Stan's Donuts & Coffee
Rich Labriola of Stan’s Donuts & Coffee likes to say there’s nothing wrong with having a donut for lunch. “Or dinner,” he recently told The Chicago Tribune in a front-page article. The founder of Chicago-based Labriola Baking Company, which he sold in 2013, is now making donuts — lots of them — these days operating seven Stan’s Donuts locations in Chicago. 
Four years ago, Labriola partnered with Stan Berman, who founded the original Stan’s Donuts in 1963 in Los Angeles, to bring the iconic shop to the Midwest. After watching Berman on a television travel show and admiring his passion for the donut business, Labriola decided to reach out to him. The result of the new friendship was a partnership to bring the classic California-style donuts to Chicago with a Labriola twist.
Most recently, Stan's Donuts & Coffee in Chicago unveiled its special edition “Exhibitionism-The Rolling Stones Donut” to celebrate The Rolling Stones first-ever major exhibit, which moved on to Chicago after making its US premiere in New York City.
The Rolling Stones Donut is a yeast-raised Bismark filled with raspberry jam and coated in a vanilla glaze. The donut is then topped with a hand- airbrushed sugary rendition of John Pasche's famous Rolling Stones "Hot Lips" logo.

The special donuts were available at all Stan's locations in April, selling for $4.39 apiece. As each donut is a handcrafted work of edible art, Stan's locations limited sales to one donut per customer.

"We are honored to be asked to partner with Exhibitionism-The Rolling Stones," says Labriola. "We are huge fans of The Rolling Stones and it was quite a challenge to design this donut. We are really happy with how it turned out."
Exhibitionism, delivered by DHL, allows consumers to experience the incredible journey of the influential rock 'n' roll band from their early days living together in a tiny flat to headlining the biggest stages in the world. The event at Chicago's Navy Pier continues through July 30.
Stan's Donuts & Coffee offers more than 30 donut varieties daily, including glazed, old fashioned, fritters, cake donuts, twists and Stan's signature Pockets in flavors such as peanut butter, Nutella and Biscoff cookie butter. The menu also serves La Colombe Coffee and house made soft serve gelato. Stan's Donuts & Coffee can be found in Chicago's neighborhoods, and are served at Labriola Cafe in Oak Brook and Chicago.