In a unique marketing event, Callebaut recently joined forces with New York City-based Dough Doughnuts for a special “Chocolate Doughnut Takeover” at the donut shop’s Flatiron location in Manhattan, where customers sampled donuts made with Callebaut Belgian chocolate.
Dough’s chef and owner Fany Gerson created 15 flavors of donuts featuring chocolates from Callebaut’s finest Belgian chocolate range, made with sustainable cocoa, and the Single Origin Collection.
Donut flavors featured in Gerson’s chocolate lineup included White Chocolate Matcha, Brazil Yuzu-Ginger, Java Coconut-Lemongrass, Caramelized White Chocolate Espresso, Madagascar Chai Spice, Chocolate Arroz con Leche, Ecuador Chocolate-Peanut-Caramel Popcorn, and a mouth-watering Salted Brown Butter with Candied Almond Crunch. 
“I loved that our customers were curious to try the various flavors created with Callebaut Belgian chocolate. They were all so excited, and wanted to know when the next Takeover would be. I am happy to say that several of the most popular flavors offered (April 1-2) will be available in the future,” Gerson said of the event and partnership with Callebaut.
The bakery owner pointed out that a lot of customers who visited knew the fame of Belgian chocolate before they arrived, “I would love another opportunity to work with the product and use the Takeover concept to connect with more of my customers directly.” 

Miriam Madrigal, Callebaut marketing manager, explained that Gerson had been talking about doing the first-ever chocolate takeover of a donut shop for a while, but wasn’t sure if customers shared her same passion for chocolate. “Based on the lines out the door both days of the event, I think it is safe to say they like Belgian chocolate as much as she does,” Madrigal says.

“Working with Chef Fany was an amazing experience for Callebaut. Not only did she create stunning donut flavors, but she was positive and engaging with all of her customers,” Madrigal added. “We were thrilled to see how she used our Belgian chocolate to create her great chocolate story in New York City.
First opened in 2010, Dough has expanded to five locations in the New York City area. 
Latin American culture and tradition was the primary inspiration for many of Dough's signature flavors. Having grown up with hibiscus, for example, Gerson incorporated this distinctive flavor into her product line and it quickly became one of her signature flavors. Themes of tropical fruit interlace with traditional Latin American staples, like chocolate chipotle, passion fruit and dulce de leche to produce flavors that are as unique as they are satisfying.