Unifiller recently announced the launch of the servo driven RP (Rotary Piston) Depositor. Capable of higher maximum production rates than traditional multi-piston depositors, the machine provides an efficient solution for portion depositing and spreading layers of soft, self levelling batters, creams and fillings.
According to Andy Sigrist, senior product manager, "The machine can be configured with tooling for up to 18 ports or 12 ports, and has a submerged rotary piston that eliminates the possibility of air pockets occurring in deposit portions." 
While offering higher speed accurate depositing in to single cavities, round pans or sheet pans, the machine’s gentle portioning is suitable for delicate ingredients, and highly versatile. The machine can be configured with tooling for up to 18 ports (26-inch machine) or 12 ports (18-inch machine), and has a submerged rotary piston that eliminates the possibility of air pockets occurring in deposit portions. 
An icon-based touchscreen interface with recipes ensures consistency and control, and the machine is built of rugged stainless steel design. Maintaining the RP Batter Depositor is easy, with tool-free disassembly enabling a quick changeover and full wash-downs. 
Unifiller designs and manufactures over 30 different depositors and pumps, with computer-controlled, menu-driven Servo depositors being the most advanced.
The recently introduced Servo Multi is designed for a host of benefits, bringing convenience and efficiency to any food manufacturer looking to maintain high speed production rates. The Servo Multi’s innovation was developed through decades of experience with pneumatic multi-piston depositors, giving flexibility beyond any traditional piston depositor. 
Easy-to-use, programmable touch screen controls and a built-in ability to control a pan conveyor or act as a slave to an automated conveyor-based production system, add further efficiency. In addition, gentle portioning ensures product integrity with little to no breakdown, so customers can deposit chunks and particulates without worry.
Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12 nozzle configurations with a large deposit range, from 0.3 to 10 ounces (10 to 299 ml) per nozzle, the Servo Multi can achieve smaller minimum portions than most other pneumatic depositors. 
Sigrist points out the Servo Multi can be customized to load up to 100 recipes so that deposit size automatically adjusts to the recipe. “This machine is also easier to clean than pneumatic versions because it’s built to be more sanitary, for example the blocks are easier to remove,” he says.
The Servo Multi can be fitted with a full range of Unifiller nozzles, integrated into a nozzle bridge with computer controlled 1.75” diving action, depositing batter and other flow-able products over conveyors for automatic filling of shells, pan and other applications.

A New Approach to Depositing


For large jobs, Bakon USA recently introduced a new approach to depositing with the Bakon Mavericks, an industrial depositor that allows unique flexibility. Built on Bakon’s experience in depositing, the machine allows bakeries to deposit a large variety of products (batters, fillings, icings, caramels and cookie doughs) with and without particulates, as well as gluten-free items.
The depositor is designed to work as a stand-alone or inline solution. It works with a gearwheel head or a 3-roller extruder head.