Delivery is a more important part of bakery success today, and you need the right vehicle for the job.
From airport kiosks to gourmet food halls to professional sports arenas, nontraditional foodservice is emerging as one of the most significant developments toward the future success of retail bakery. No longer are bakeries like 101-year-old La Segunda Central Bakery in Tampa waiting for customers to come to them. La Segunda, for instance, is branching out with new wholesale programs that deliver the bakery’s famous Cuban breads and pastries beyond the brick-and-mortar store and into airport kiosks where thousands (not hundreds) of potential customers are exposed to the magic of fresh bakery.
Oregon-based Beaverton Bakery offers another prime example, bringing its 91 years of bakery tradition to a current program that blends the best of retail and wholesale and expands its distribution to restaurants, supermarkets and the Portland International Airport.
So the question for retail bakery owners looms: Where can you go for help to find reliable delivery vehicles and distribution programs that enable you to get on the road to success?

A New Way to Roll

Ram Commercial continues to expand the brand’s presence in the vocation truck segment by enhancing the capabilities of Ram’s Tradesman series of trucks from half-ton to Class 5 and establishing a network of more than 900 commercially focused dealers.
With the addition of the ProMaster and Promaster City cargo vans and wagons, the Ram Commercial Truck brand offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of small businesses, work truck fleets and buyers whose commercial vehicle may be his or her company’s lifeblood.
The 2017 Ram ProMaster continues to answer the call of businesses everywhere as it solidifies its place in Ram Commercial’s popular truck and van lineup. 
The 2017 Ram ProMaster puts Ram Truck fits into the expanding, purpose-built, full-size van segment with best-in-class features focused on the commercial customer. The Ram ProMaster combines functionality and versatility with modern styling and professional appeal. The 2017 Ram ProMaster van developed from the successful, long-standing Fiat Ducato: 30-plus years of reliable service and more than 4.5 million units sold. It features exceptional cargo capability, durability, a unique front-wheel-drive system and outstanding uptime.
The 2017 Ram ProMaster City is Ram’s newest addition to its commercial vehicle lineup and contributes to the expanding, purpose-built van segment with a number of best-in-class, functional elements tied directly to commercial customer demand. ProMaster City opens a door for incremental growth of Ram’s brand sales volumes. Based on the successful Fiat Doblò, a two-time International Van of the Year winner with more than 1.3 million units sold, the Ram ProMaster City incorporates familiar Ram Truck design elements and offers features, systems and powertrains preferred by North American customers. 
The Ram Commercial Truck division offers a small van for the North American market. Launched in 2015, the PMC joins the larger and highly capable Ram ProMaster as an additional van offering, the Ram ProMaster City competes with small commercial and passenger vans. The 2017 Ram ProMaster City is part of the Ram Commercial lineup and offers best-in-class features focused on the Class 1 van customer, and is a practical, robust and functional solution for a multitude of roles.
Starting at $23,445, "right-sized" ProMaster City offers best-in-class titles where they count. The 2017 Ram ProMaster City aggressively competes in the compact Class 1 van segment with a fuel economy rating of 21 mpg city, best in class 29 mpg highway and unsurpassed 24 mpg combined.

On the Job Incentives

In addition, the Ram Commercial division integrates a growing network of Ram BusinessLink dealers focused on the needs of commercial customers. Ram Commercial also helps offset the cost of doing business with On The Job incentives, specifically designed to lower the expense of commercial upfits. Both programs address professional needs for every job.


BusinessLink is a free program that connects business owners with a network of FCA dealers that are specially equipped to work with small businesses. Nationwide, FCA’s more than 900 BusinessLink dealers who offer the convenience of one-stop sales and service essential to help commercial / small businesses stay on the road to profitability.
Business owners may access this free membership program with proof of business ownership at any BusinessLink dealer. Benefits include:
No dues or fees
Specialized in-dealership commercial / small business sales and service personnel
Extended service and repair hours
Priority next-available-bay service
Free shuttle service
24/7 towing service
Free loaners for select vehicles
Expertise in commercial financing options
Unique business variable incentives 
FCA’s On The Job vehicle program provides commercial and small business owners a variety of incentives and discounts to assist them in purchasing, servicing, maintaining and customizing vehicles to specifically address their unique professional needs.
Such incentives include up to $1,000 in custom commercial upfit allowances and up to $1,000 on vehicle graphics, allowing owners to turn their professional vehicle into a mobile rent-free advertising machine to promote their businesses.
Small Business / Commercial incentives can be combined with all other retail incentives. These On The Job programs are designed to help business owners reduce the cost of doing business by doing business at any of FCA’s 2,000-plus dealerships.
Most FCA vehicles qualify for On The Job program advantages when the vehicle is purchased for business use.