Image courtesy of &pizza
Milk Bar has teamed up with &pizza for a mashup that will excite breakfast enthusiasts. Starting April 18, the DC-based pizza chain will begin serving a cereal milk cream soda cookie, along with a cereal milk cream soda.

The cookie is vanilla flavored and is baked with white-chocolate chips, milk, corn flakes, brown sugar, and a touch of salt. The cookie is also made with marshmallows to make it taste a little like Rice Krispy Treats. According to The Washingtonian, it’s designed to taste like the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl, but with an extra “soda fizz.”

The soda is made with cane sugar and does not include dairy or caffeine in it. The promotional label bills it as “Creamy vanilla fizz meets salted marshmallow. Sweetness with an edge.”

Each cookie will cost $1.25 and each 16-ounce soda will cost $2.75.

“It feels like something you know, but something that you can’t quite describe,” says Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi.

The partnership between Milk Bar and &pizza came about after Tosi walked into one of the &pizza DC locations and began throwing out ideas for ways that the two businesses could join forces. Originally, there were talks of a dessert pizza, but customers will likely enjoy the alternative idea that came to fruition.