Magnolia Bakery is one of the most famous cupcakeries in America. Located in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, the bakery chain continues to grow along with the demand for its cupcakes.

The bakery specializes in many frosting techniques, but one of the techniques it is most known for is its buttercream roses. You may think that this would be hard to pull off, but Magnolia Bakery insists that it is much easier than expected.

Magnolia shows how to make this simple, yet effective design in the video from Delish above. Here are the individual steps:

  1. A piping bag and a petal piping tip are necessary. Magnolia Bakery uses the Petal Tip #104 by Ateco.
  2. Holding the bag almost vertically towards the sky, pipe three heart shapes in the center of the cupcake, forming a loop where the heart dips in the middle. This is the bud of the rose.
  3. Create an arch over a third of the cupcake top, rotating until a triangle of arches has formed. Continue staggering until you’ve reached the edge.
  4. Pipe a circle around the edge to give it a smooth, polished look.