At the Upper Midwest Bakery Association convention, second-generation Benson Bakery patriarch Jerry Johannessen was inducted into the association’s Hall of Fame.

The Benson Bakery, located in Benson, Minnesota, has been under the family's ownership for 85 years. Jerry's father, Ragnvald "Norsk" purchased the bakery after emigrating from Norway, with Jerry taking over in 1970. His son Toby took over in 1996.

“The bakers hall of fame was established to ensure that memories of outstanding bakers be recognized and preserved,” says the association of its award. “It is to honor those whose hard work and dedication has been significant and outstanding achievements to the baking industry, community and the American way of life.”

The Benson Bakery built a reputation for quality baked products from the start. According to the family, many of the recipes still used by Benson Bakery are those the founder brought with him. The bakery has built a reputation on these quality products and Jerry Johannessen continued that reputation through and after his tenure.