Firecakes Donuts is bringing its award-winning donuts to Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood as a pop-up donut counter located inside of Lou & Grey, the contemporary women’s apparel store.

"This has been a fun opportunity for us," says Firecakes owner Jonathan Fox. "Lou & Grey actually contacted us awhile back and asked if we could do a donut pop-up inside the store. Their customers were so pleased with our donuts and coffee that the store invited us to be onsite every day for two months as an ongoing attraction. We're so pleased to be associated with such a cool business. They have been great!"

Firecakes has set up a moveable installation in the rear of the store, complete with a donut counter and display cases. Nine donut flavors are offered at the pop-up. Three raised donuts on hand are the Honey Glazed, the Vanilla Iced, and the Valrhona Chocolate Iced. There are three buttermilk doughnuts: Old Fashioned Buttermilk, Sicilian Pistachio Old Fashioned, and Valrhona Chocolate Iced Old Fashioned. Three cake donut flavors available are the Red Velvet, Triple Valrhona Chocolate Cake, and Vanilla with Sprinkles. Firecakes also is experimenting with some gluten-free options.

Additionally, La Colombe coffee will also be served and will be available as espresso, drip, and cold draft latte. 

Firecakes Donuts is available inside the store from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

"Firecakes Donuts are on a roll right now," says Fox. "We will continue to do these types of surprise events as opportunities present themselves. We're looking at some potential new permanent locations as well."