Image courtesy of Grateful Bread Co.
Grateful Bread Company is known for specializing in sourdough in addition to its extensive list of authentic artisan breads made from natural and organic ingredients including freshly milled flour from its new Austrian stone flour mill.

Therefore, the bakery is eagerly anticipating Saturday, April 1st, as that is National Sourdough Bread Day. They will celebrate one of the world’s oldest leavened breads with a large variety of fresh baked breads and pastries featuring their all-natural sourdough starter.

The bakery’s 23 trained artisans are constantly busy creating sourdough and other breads for many of Denver’s finest restaurants and hotels. Additionally, Grateful Bread Co. makes eight types of pastries with sourdough, including a wonderful dark Belgian chocolate babka.

“Our guiding principle is quality above everything else,” says Grateful Bread Co. co-owner Kathy Mullen. “From the beginning, we committed to results over profits. So rather than finding the fastest, cheapest ways to produce and sell bread, we chose artisan techniques for a business approach we can take pride in.