According to Datassential's MenuTrends Keynote snacking report, most consumers snack multiple times per day. In a survey conducted by the market research company, 94% reported eating a snack the day prior and 91% reported drinking a snack beverage.

The average consumer eats four to five snack foods per day, and while they claim the desire for more healthy snack options, 48% of consumers ate at least one salty snack the day prior.

As this data suggests, convenience in food offerings is stronger than ever. Consumers’ schedules are busy and they are seeking out quick, ready to eat food options. Many consumers are even eating several mini meals throughout the day as opposed to three distinct meals. Therefore, the line between snack and meal is becoming more blurred as time goes along.

With this knowledge, retailers are creating healthy, convenient options that also satisfy the craving for salty and/or sweet tastes.