Mom was the generous soul who always gave you the last piece of chocolate. This Mother’s Day, many will look to return the favor to their mothers with gifts of chocolate.
What does your retail bakery offer when it comes to chocolate? 
Premium offerings can go a long way to making the mothers out there quite happy. Lucky for you, there are several companies who have been perfecting the art of chocolate for baking.
Available from Puratos, bakers can use Carat Compound Chips to add a chocolaty surprise inside of finished products, or use delicious Carat Hard & Soft Compound Coatings, available in dark, milk, and white. Bakers and pastry chefs alike can flavor dough or mousse with Carat for a rich chocolate taste.
If your bakery specializes in confection, there are plenty of options at your disposal for a unique treat. Companies such as Valrhona, Guittard, ifiGourmet, and Ghirardelli have spent decades creating vast collections of chocolate flavors and recipes that can make those chocolate flavors pop.
Speaking of the word pop, cake pops are trendy right now, in part because it’s a cute look in a two-bite size. Using lollipop sticks, you can turn a seemingly normal chocolate into a delightful-looking pop. Take for instance Valrhona’s Caramel and Walnut Chocolate Lollipops recipe, which can be found at the company’s website.
Complex textures are also a popular confectionary trend. With the combination of chocolate and nuts, the taste buds are hit with multiple unique flavors.
For one specific application, ifiGourmet offers a recipe utilizing its products for a Strawberry-Passion Bonbon in the shape of a heart. What better way for customers to show their mothers how much they care than with a symbol of love, gourmet-style?
We can’t forget about the health-conscious crowd. While candy may never be considered health food, some chocolate can have nutritious elements. Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients and can be good for heart health. Consider Ghirardelli’s Dark Chocolate Truffles. They are fairly simple in taste compared to some of these other options, but that can be preferred by certain consumers. 
Based on the bakery goods that sell in your store, you can adapt your confection lineup to fit those evolving tastes. We know that Mom will certainly appreciate the thought.