Elizabeth Degener is known as the Bread Lady in Cape May, New Jersey, so it would make sense that she would be quite skilled as a baker.


Her bread stand at Enfin Farms is open from the spring to late fall, offering a variety of unique flavors. Among the combinations customers can find at her stand include rosemary and thyme; beet and dill; olive oil and black pepper; chocolate candied ginger lavender; curry, fennel, coconut milk and anise; smoked chili and onion; oatmeal molasses; toasted millet; sunflower and poppy; an everything with onion, garlic, sesame and poppy; and sage and polenta.


Locals and visitors alike line up at least an hour before the stand at Enfin Farms is open to get one of the loaves. Degener's family owns Enfin Farms, which also provides organic produce.


Degener runs the farm along with Wesley Laudeman, another local. The two were able to combine their love of farming and baking into this endeavor once they graduated from college. Degener graduated from from Irish American University in Dublin and decided to return to her family farm which has been run for three generations.


The long term goal of both Degener and Laudeman is to turn the land into a working farm, and bread sales are what support the farm and its potential future expansions.