Unifiller has announced the launch of the servo driven RP (Rotary Piston) Depositor. Capable of higher maximum production rates than traditional multi piston depositors, the machine provides an efficient solution for portion depositing and spreading layers of soft, self levelling batters, creams and fillings.

While offering higher speed accurate depositing in to single cavities, round pans or sheet pans, the machine’s gentle portioning is suitable for delicate ingredients, and highly versatile. The machine can be configured with tooling for up to 18 ports (26” machine) or 12 ports (18” machine), and has a submerged rotary piston that eliminates the possibility of air pockets occurring in deposit portions.

An icon based touchscreen interface with recipes ensures consistency and control, and the machine is built of rugged stainless steel design. Maintaining the RP Batter Depositor is easy, with tool-free disassembly enabling a quick changeover and full wash-downs.