Image courtesy of Beth Reinhard (@bethreinhard/Twitter)
Tuesday afternoon, a cake appeared at Trump Tower in New York City. Being the headquarters for Donald Trump’s campaign, the building has very strong security and the cake was not allowed to go up (at least initially).


The cake became a social media sensation for the Republican presidential candidate because of its depiction of his face, which made him seem droopy and sour. Nobody online knew where it came from until recently, but that person has stepped into the spotlight.

Melissa Alt, a 24-year old baker from New Jersey who owns Melissa Alt Cakes, made the cake as a surprise for the Trump campaign. She also made one for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, which was ordered by a private client. After making the Hillary cake, Alt was inspired to do the Trump cake. “I saw it as a good opportunity,” she says.

Earlier this week, Alt teased her progress on the cakes on her Instagram account.

According to the Boston Globe, the heads of each cake were made out of modeling chocolate, and the bottoms of each food sculpture were formed by cake with fondant on top. The details on the cakes were drawn using edible paint mixed with vodka.

Each candidate cake took an amazing 50 hours to bake, with 20 hours just for sculpting the head. Luckily for Alt, the Trump cake was not disposed of, and has reportedly been returned to Trump Headquarters. These impressive works of art certainly added to a memorable election day, and hopefully added a little bit of levity to many people’s afternoons.