For some, the term “gentle baking” conjures the image of a grandmother donning an apron and lovingly inserting a baking pan into her kitchen oven. Not exactly the scenario when describing the German engineering of the MIWE thermo-express deck oven, yet these professional baking ovens are “gentle” nonetheless. They use a thermal oil system based around a central supply unit for high-precision control of the energy supplied.

 “The thermal oil technology creates a temperate baking atmosphere by directing the heated oil along a primary pipeline to the various ovens by means of the respective secondary circuits,” Harry Jacoby, President MIWE America LLC, explains. “This principle allows for controlled heating to each oven circuit depending on the requirement.”

For North Jersey-based Hudson Bread however, there is a connection between grandmother and technology. “We utilize the oven’s technology to increase productivity while maintaining the quality and time-tested traditions of our baking,” Hudson Bread President, Mariusz (Mark) Kolodziej says. “It’s the perfect marriage of old and new.”

This is so because Hudson Bread uniquely combines an evolving artisan skill, wholesome ingredients and cutting edge equipment. “We first interrupt the proofing process for every bread we create to slow yeast production, which builds unmistakable flavor profiles on the palate,” Ray Million, Hudson Bread’s Chief Operating Officer, adds. “We then bake our breads in MIWE ovens, which are multi-circuited to allow for varying temperatures that result in perfectly crusted and textured, flavor-packed breads.”

To see MIWE thermal oil baking technology, visit the MIWE booth #9134 at the upcoming International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) show in Las Vegas, NV, October 8-11, 2016, or visit us online at,2740.html. You can also contact Ray Million at 1-201-422-7900 to schedule a facility tour and live demonstration at Hudson Bread’s headquarters in North Bergan, New Jersey.