Gallup’s latest Work and Education poll has shown that Americans believe that restaurants top the business sector. It beat out the computer industry by 6 net positive percentage points (59 to 53), which takes into account both positive and negative feelings about each industry.

These two industries have been at the top of every list in each of Gallup’s measures since 2001. The food industry employs nearly 10 percent of America’s workforce, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA), which would make it the second largest private sector employer.

The NRA research on this subject goes on to say that nine in 10 consumers say they enjoy going to restaurants, and two in five say restaurants are essential parts of their lifestyles. Additionally, half of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry at some point in their lives, and a third of all Americans got their first job working in a restaurant.

America’s food industry shows no signs of slowing down either. Bakeries, cafes, and restaurants are consistently being opened all across the country, and those businesses not only provide jobs to those local communities, but they also provide local consumers with new and exciting food options.