Specialty Bakery, Indianapolis, announced that it has changed its name to CraftMark Bakery, L.L.C., effective July 1.

“Our new name is a culmination of multiple factors, the most important being the desire to create a company name that symbolizes how we do baking and differentiates us from the rest of the commercial bakery marketplace,” says Ahmad Hamade, chief executive officer. “As an organization, we press toward continuous improvement and innovation. We believe the CraftMark Bakery name better reflects our vision. ‘Craft’ means being skillful and having excellence in workmanship. ‘Mark’ is a symbol, an indication that sets a standard.”

The company plans to add a fourth production line in its 225,000-square-foot bakery in the near future.

Launched as a ground-up project in 2013 by innovators from the commercial baking industry, CraftMark Bakery, L.L.C. is a supplier of frozen bakery products to the food service and in-store bakery industries. The company has the ability to supply a wide array of frozen bakery products, including bread dough, cookie dough and baked, ready-to-eat flatbread. CraftMark’s customers include some of the largest restaurant chains in North America.