The demand for bio-ethanol yeast for fuel production and rising demand for bakery and confectionary products have been contributing to the growth in the Yeast Market.

The baker's yeast segment accounted for the largest share and was followed by the brewer's yeast segment in 2015. All applications considered for the yeast products are those that are commercially available and traded. In the same year, Europe accounted for the largest share in the baker's yeast segment. North America contributed the second-largest share. The demand for baker's yeast is driven by the growth in demand for high-value baked goods such as cakes and cookies which are marketed globally by large companies.

The growth of fresh Yeast Market is directly linked to the increasing trend of processed and fast food consumption, especially bakery items. Fresh yeast is extremely perishable and requires refrigeration. It is widely used in bakery products such as breads and pastries as it has good rising qualities and provides excellent taste.