The first-ever Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s, opening at Sherway Gardens in Toronto on February 25, will offer premium food experiences that are poised to excite the palates of locals and tourists alike. Featuring 18,500 square feet of inspiring culinary stations, exclusive products, fine food services and a deluxe grocery assortment, the Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s at Sherway Gardens will engage patrons in sights, flavors and aromas from around the globe.  

Pusateri’s is infusing the Saks Food Hall with a fresh, unique, and superior product assortment for consumers to shop. Featured pastries include a best-in-class showcase of local, national, and international producers, like Blackbird Baking Co., Forno Cultura, The Macaron Boutique, The Tempered Room, David H. Chow, Chocosol, Chocolate x Brandon Olsen, Sweet Flour Bake Shop, Shockingly Healthy!, Dessert Trends Bakery, Venchi, The Cheesecake Factory, and Bakerberry.

For over 50 years Pusateri’s has been an integral thread in the fabric of Toronto, from its humble beginnings on St. Clair Ave. W. in the early ‘60s to the multi-faceted fine food company it is today. With extensive catering, event, floral and giftware services, Pusateri’s has become the go-to grocer for discerning cosmopolitan clients. And now, the partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue will marry the two brands’ reputable commitments to quality, customer service, and world-class experiences, creating a destination for dining and culinary reverie unlike anything Toronto has seen before.

“The partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue has allowed us to curate a series of unique food experiences that reflect our team’s world travels and inherent love of food,” says Frank Luchetta, president of Pusateri’s.

The new food hall hosts ten unique culinary stations, mixing proprietary offerings with some of Toronto’s favorite local gourmet vendors. The Nutella Café by Pusateri’s offers an exclusive assortment of fresh, handmade crepes and unique delicacies featuring Nutella, all specially crafted by the Pusateri’s kitchen team. Pusateri’s Café features exclusive coffee blends roasted just for Pusateri’s, loose-leaf teas, and freshly baked goods.