ConAgra Foods, Inc. is working with chef and food "vlogger" Billy Parisi to put a creative twist on comfort foods using pantry staples and popular food trends. And popular YouTube culinary channel Feast of Fiction hosts Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams, known for their iconic TV-inspired recipes, are creating a group-watching menu for fans of medieval, horror and sci-fi shows.

"By partnering with Chef Billy and Feast of Fiction, we're creating an out-of-the-box winter menu that will be a hit with families and freshen up the usual go-to dinner meals," said Dan Skinner, communications manager, ConAgra Foods. "And with rising usage of TV and movie streaming services, people are finding additional ways to bond over the things they love, and we're helping to elevate these experiences to create even more memorable watch parties."

According to Google Trends, recipe searches peak at the start of the year for dishes that have a "use it all" approach, avoiding food waste. So, Chef Billy created Banana Oatmeal Muffins using blended banana peels, and for coffee drinkers, Leftover Coffee Chocolate Brownies. Chef Billy is also using items commonly found in kitchen pantries, such as ConAgra Foods brands' Hunt's, RO*TEL and PAM, to give typical comfort food dishes a creative twist. Mexican Meatloaf with Chorizo Queso is anything but your grandmother's go-to meatloaf recipe, and instead of traditional sweets, Olive Oil Cupcakes with Lemon Butter Cream give a savory twist on a popular dessert.

"Comfort food is synonymous with the winter, and your taste buds crave something to take your mind off of the cold weather. That's why I created a mix of hearty recipes that are not only easy and fun to make, but offer a unique fusion of flavors to jazz up seasonal favorites," said Chef Billy.