During iba 2015, Peter Becker, President of the Central Association of German Bakers, discussed the various global trends influencing the baking industry at the Lallemand seminar, which was well attended by over 150 attendees. Annemarie Halter, Business Development Manager for Organic Yeast and Nicolai Jensen, General Manager for Lallemand Denmark highlighted the organic food trends with an update of the market situation, as well as the use organic yeast for bakery goods. An overview of the Danish organic market was also provided.

Dr Jan van Eijk, R&D Director for Lallemand Baking Solutions discussed developments to extend mold-free shelf-life using clean label ingredients and technologies.

One of the highlights for customers across the globe was an interesting presentation by Chris Newbold, Bakery Technologist of Marks & Spencer, who presented “Vitamin D in Bread.” M&S, one of the UK’s leading retailers with over 1330 stores worldwide has launched, in June 2015, its range of bread and rolls containing Vitamin D Yeast. Newbold’s presentation covered the journey behind the launch, highlighting Vitamin D deficiency and consumer research supporting their strategy.

Lallemand Vitamin D Yeast is used across the entire range of bread and rolls, offering the UK consumer a natural and vegetarian source of vitamin D. All product packaging carry a simple message: “Vitamin D – there are few dietary sources of vitamin D, however all our bread loaves and rolls are made with yeast that naturally produces vitamin D.”