chocolate bark
Adding a chocolate filling to a bakery item will always attract interest from customers.

When in doubt about something to enhance a product or take it to the next pricing tier, chocolate remains a go-to for bakers. Filling a product with some kind of chocolate almost guarantees added interest in that product. Most customers will accept higher price points for chocolate filled baked goods without question.

What to Fill

Just about anything in the bakery will taste good with some kind of chocolate filling. But there are products better suited for chocolate fillings. Another thing bakeries need to consider before adding a chocolate filling is flavor. While many products will accept a chocolate filling, chocolate will complement certain flavors better than others. That decision resides with the producer and ultimately, your customers will let you know which flavor combinations will sell the best.

Cakes provide the ultimate medium for a chocolate filling. The most cost effective way for a bakery to fill a cake is to use chocolate buttercream. Take a round layer cake and spread chocolate buttercream between the layers. For a minimal cost a profitable upcharge will increase the margin on a simple cake. To go to an even higher level, use ganache. This offers a premium upcharge and customers will pay for it. Mousse also works for a higher end up sell.

Cupcakes, donuts, tortes, cannoli, even cookies, can have chocolate filling somehow incorporated. While you might not technically “fill” some varieties of cookies, most can be made into sandwiches with a chocolate filling between.

What to Fill Them With

In addition to the above mentioned staples of mousse, buttercream, and ganache, many other chocolate fillings are available to bakeries for use as gourmet upsells. Chocolate fudge, pudding and chocolate flavored whipped cream all make fantastic fillings for your baked goods.

mint, chocolate
Chocolate lava cakes can be infused with a variety of flavors.

Another thing to consider is the mixing of other fillings to go along with your chocolate fillings. Filling flavors such as banana, strawberry hazelnut and a host of others all go well with chocolate. Mixing fillings together provides another tier to pricing on the custom order menu.

Buddy Valastro’s Recommendations for Wedding and Specialty Cakes

  • Black and white cake with chocolate fudge filling
  • Chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, a thin layer of chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries between layers