Tomato Soup
The soup category grew 30 percent between 2006 and 2011.

Like milk and cookies, soups and sandwiches are an infamous duo. A steaming bowl of soup practically begs to be paired with a tasty sandwich dipper. However, while customers may come into your bakery seeking the milk and cookie combo, they may not even realize you offer the soup and sandwich option—if you in fact do. So, how can you promote tempting soup and sandwich specials? And more importantly, why should you bother?

Facts and Figures

Let’s start with the “why.” Perhaps the strongest argument for soup is its value. The economic recession helped remind people of the bang for the buck that soup can provide, and according to Mintel International, the soup category grew an impressive 30 percent between 2006 and 2011. That growth has not only continued to this point, but it is expected to maintain its momentum for several more years. The sandwich’s “why” argument centers on popularity. Americans eat more than 300 million sandwiches every day.


Perhaps the easiest way to promote your soups is to simply add the word “premium.” According to Statista, some 40 percent of Americans have said they’re more likely to purchase or willing to pay more for a soup if it’s labeled as premium.

It’s also a smart business strategy to boast locally sourced ingredients in your soups and sandwiches. Consumer interest in food sustainability and traceability is at an all-time high, as is the desire for high-quality, healthy options. So, whenever possible and assuming they’re true, use phrases like:

  • Made from scratch
  • Featuring local produce
  • Housemade dressings

Social media is a great place to advertise your daily soup and sandwich specials, but it doesn’t hurt to supplement that option with something like a good old-fashioned sidewalk easel. Displaying your daily soup and sandwich promotions outside of your bakery can convince people to walk in off the street.


Finally, don’t underestimate the power of extras. People love hearing that they’ll get something for “free,” so consider throwing in a hunk of fresh bread, a bag of chips, or a cookie with your soup and sandwich meal deals.