During this year’s IFT Food Expo, ingredient manufacturer Beneo will be highlighting natural food and beverage options for energy management with its next generation sugar, Palatinose at booth #709. Derived from beet sugar, Palatinose delivers energy in a balanced and sustained way naturally. 

Visitors to the Beneo booth can also test samples and speak with Beneo’s technical and nutritional experts.  The company will feature technical samples including a breakfast cookie that combines Palatinose and the chicory root fiber Orafti Inulin and thus is a “source of fiber” and “reduced glycemic.”  Gluten-free muffins will also be available for tasting. Containing Beneo’s rice starch, rice flour and prebiotic fiber oligofructose they retain their moistness and freshness for longer and are also a good source of fiber.  Additionally, a market sample of Nth Degree’s low GI drink will be featured, which utilizes Palatinose as the low glycemic carbohydrate power in its formula. 

 “Beneo sees an enormous potential for future food and drinks providing balanced and sustained energy from natural sources.  According to market research commissioned by Beneo, consumers of all ages are seeking natural sources that will provide the delivery of sustained energy throughout the day. But they feel that existing energy drinks simply provide an initial alertness burst and subsequent crash effect,” said Jon Peters, president of Beneo Inc.  “Our low glycemic sugar Palatinose provides body cell energy in a balanced and sustained way and promotes enhanced fat oxidation during physical activity – characteristics that matter to consumers.”

The need for options to better manage energy naturally is a concern for endurance athletes as well for consumers leading a hectic lifestyle including multiple demands from their jobs, households and family lives with kids.  Consumer research shows that 67 percent of the U.S. population is concerned about having enough energy to successfully perform throughout the day.