The Mini Chip Slicer for Bagel Rings from Oliver Products.

The latest bread slicing machines offer benefits beyond the obvious. For example, bakeries can reduce waste by turning day-old bagels into bagel chips that can be packaged and sold as a convenient breakfast item.

Among other new ideas, artisan bread bakeries that may face a little price resistance on selling $7-8 loaves of bread may consider offering partial loaves for customers who want the quality of the artisan bread but simply don’t need to buy a full loaf.  

Oliver Products features new products including the Mini Chip Slicer for Bagel Rings and the NexGen bread slicer. The updated version of the Mini Chip Slicer can produce bagel chips, rings (newest feature), and stuffing bread in a single slicer. The NexGen bread slicer is Oliver’s first on-demand top loading bread slicer available for back of the bakery or consumer self-serve.

The compact Mini Chip Slicer is a simple and efficient processing center for repurposing shrink – specifically breads, buns, or bagels – into chips or rings. The bagel ring insert holds three full size bagels, creating efficiency in processing and reducing labor. Season, bake, and merchandise for sale.

The NexGen bread slicer accommodates the longest loaf for a single thickness bread slicer in the industry. Operator-centric features include an integrated bagging scoop, intuitive loading and a front facing blade change reminder light providing a reminder for regular blade changes.

Horizon Bradco features a number of bakery slicer options. The user-friendliness, slicing quality and ergonomic design of table-based bread slicers Jac Pico and Jac Picomatic are just some of the key benefits. These slices are so compact that they can easily be integrated in your sales premises.

Among other slicers available from Horizon Bradco, the Bizerba BRS 38 offers a wide range of options to cut long or round breads precisely and very hygienically into slices of varying thicknesses. As it is more flexible than gridset machines you may cut the exact number of slices required by the customer. The BRS 38 is the perfect slicer that is ideally suited for customers wishing to buy partial loaves.

Don’t let your profits slip away by not having the options to slice bread into half loaves or turn bagels and crusty breads into super-thin and tasty bagel and bread chips. Help bring more customers into your retail store by offering more convenient options.