The New York Brick Oven Company unveiled its Fire Show series revolving brick oven at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas Nevada. Pizza Expo is the largest pizza convention in the world, drawing participants and spectators from every corner of the globe to see what the latest trend in pizza is, who are the top pizza chefs and watch the "pizza games" including freestyle pizza spinning.

The founders of the New York Brick Oven company are no strangers to the show, having won the coveted title of International Pizza champions several times with their Goodfella's Brick Oven Pizza Concept in Staten Island, New York. "Being pizza men first and foremost has given us a unique approach to building brick ovens," said Co- founder Marc Cosentino. "We have been making brick oven pizza for 25 years. Working with hundreds of different locations and pizza men with different pizza recipes has really been an eye opener for what the industry wants regarding brick ovens," added Scot Cosentino, himself an international pizza champion and co-founder of New York Brick Oven Company.

Working backward from the final product of a fast, consistent brick oven pizza of exceptional quality is how the revolving brick oven Fire Show Series evolved. It gives an operator the ability to use an unskilled workforce with minimal training to rival the pizza of a seasoned pizza man from Italy. Fresh from setting a world record of 200 pies in 52 minutes last year at Pizza Expo, the brothers developed a rear fire revolving brick oven for locations demanding the speed of a revolving brick oven but without the need to burn wood while maintaining a constant cooking temperature anywhere from 600 to 900 degrees, depending on the type of dough being used. Other features of this particular oven, as it relates to the fast casual industry, are that it has a very high thermal mass and a patented under floor heating to virtually eliminate the fixed deck oven nightmare known as "Fade" from cooking many pies one after the other.

The only rear fire revolving brick oven in the industry assures the customers enjoy a view while keeping a constant flame for pizza visibility as pizza is baked. Ease of operation, the elimination of having to constantly shuffle pizza and rotate the pies has also been eliminated due to the revolving cooking surface which ensures even baking while using a short pizza peel and not having to ever reach deeply into the hot oven because the pies come around to the pizza man.

The Fire Show series is up on their web site to view and is already being installed in several new fast casual pizza chains.