A portable showcase allows bakers to easily transport products on a whim.

Gugler’s Portable Bakery Showcase gives retailers the ability to instantly add a location. The mobility of the showcase allows retailers to choose additional locations at will and to go to customer dense locations such as construction sites, federal buildings, farmers’ markets, etc., during the lunch hour.

The showcases hold 18 sheet pans with potential to take in $1000 or more of revenue per day. One potential Showcase user sells mini pound cakes and figures the profitability to be exemplary. “He puts 20 on a pan and sells them for $3 to $5. It comes out to about $1600 per showcase,” says Greg Gugler, creator of Gugler’s Portable Bakery Showcase. At $5499 average with delivery, “it can pay for itself in six days.”

The idea came to Gugler about 20 years ago. He sold product to convenience stores and restaurants, but gave up as much as 25% of the gross because the stores had to have room for their mark up. To open a new retail spot was cost prohibitive. Gugler’s Portable Bakery Showcase was born from this idea.
With the showcase, producers have the ability to sell at full price without cutting into the profit margin. “That’s the reason I designed it,” Gugler says.

Certain states and municipalities require special permits to set up in certain locations. It’s best to check into this before showing up to sell and risking a ticket. Cities and states that encourage having vendors out in public do exist. Grand Junction, Colorado wanted Gugler and The Portable Bakery Showcase at the bottom of the steps leading up to City Hall.

Add an affordable table sized umbrella from the local hardware store to protect you and your patrons from the sun with a custom made sign to enhance the showcase. And for the future, Gugler is in the process of designing and building a “cold” showcase to use for products like Bavarians and those using whipped cream.