The Somerset CDR-500F Dough & Fondant Sheeter

When it comes to rolling, be it fondant or dough, there are typically two sides of the coin – to sheet or not to sheet. Nick Meimaris, national sales manager for Somerset, weighs in on the benefits of investing in a sheeter for your bakery operations.

1. Time and labor savings

What could take minutes or even hours by hand-rolling can be reduced to a matter of seconds when using a sheeter. Not only does the process move more quickly, but a sheeter can also help avoid workplace injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Saving on time and labor also means cutting down on costs.

2. Uniformity of product

Even if you’ve rolled fondant a million times, there’ s still room for error. And if you have new decorators that you’re trying to train, it can be very time consuming to get a piece of fondant or dough rolled out evenly. Having  a uniform piece of fondant over your cakes will display an even higher quality of your work.

3. Ease of use with technology

Rolling fondant with a sheeter is a perfect complement to a product like the Cricut cutter, because it can roll the product thin enough to work in the machine without tearing.

4. Versatility of use

Don’t assume that a sheeter is only for finishing new fondant cakes. If you have leftover fondant pieces from flowers, figurines or cutouts, ball those leftovers up with some fresh fondant, and it will be good as new when you run it through the sheeter. If you have a full-line bakery, you can also use your sheeter for gumpaste or for dough to create a variety of pastry products.

5. Creative outlets

Quickly produce new and creative fondant masterpieces by mixing colors and sheeting out a marbleized piece of fondant for  a marble colored cake or to create funky cutouts to top cakes or cupcakes.