Douglas Machines offers data loggers for pan and rack washers that can monitor cycle times, wash and rinse temperatures and pressures.

Record-keeping rules are more important than ever in the daily operations of your bakery business, given this year’s arrival of new food safety regulations from the federal government.

To help you achieve the highest possible standards, equipment manufacturers are introducing new products in the fields of washing and sanitation to ensure your bakery maintains compliance.
Douglas Machines now offers optional data loggers on their full line of pan and rack washers for the bakery industry. Data loggers monitor cycle times, wash and rinse temperatures and pressures.

With this option, operational data is automatically recorded and is downloadable to a USB port or to a computer using an Ethernet connection. This makes it convenient for bakers to validate washing and sanitizing processes in order to comply with new rules in the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

According to Kevin Lemen, vice president of marketing for Douglas Machines, “bakeries have always been motivated to invest in our automated washing equipment in order to save time, labor and water when compared to washing by hand. The new trend, however, is to expand on these benefits and use machines equipped with data loggers to reduce food safety hazards, document operation and ensure compliance with food safety regulations.”

Bakeries and foodservice operations need to keep pace with new equipment and technology to stay ahead of the food safety curve. The following innovations in washing and sanitation will be on display at the Kitchen Innovations Pavilion at the 2016 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, coming up on May 21-24 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Meiko is raising the bar on water conservation with its GreenEye integrated system for flight-type warewashers. A light coaching system indicates which conveyor belt lanes should be filled for maximum water efficiency. Sensors detect where the ware is, and these lanes are then targeted for optimal delivery of fresh rinse water only where needed.

The new ventless conveyor with heat recovery from Champion offers a unique combination of a variable-speed fan with an independently mounted heat pump to collect a full 100 percent of the operating exhaust energy as well as the vapor. The vapor is fully absorbed and the exhaust energy is repurposed to aid in heating the wash and final rinse water.

On the sanitation front, AutoMist is an automated hood, flue, and fan cleaner designed to eliminate the hazardous buildup of grease in foodservice kitchens. AutoMist from Restaurant Technologies replaces manual hood and flue cleaning services by automatically cleaning daily to keep the hood, flue and fan consistently clean, greatly reducing the risk of fire.

Designed for great flexibility and maneuverability in tight spaces, the HydroSwivel Sweeper from Strahman Valves is a multi-functioning floor cleaning tool that features a 360-degree, fully articulated HydroSwivel joint and uses high-velocity water at normal domestic supply pressures to effectively clean most floor surfaces with minimal impact.

Detecto’s new U.S.-made Dump Commander is narrow and mobile enough to wheel anywhere the user needs it and offers mechanical lifting power to dump commercial trash can-sized containers into a larger bin. The rechargeable battery-operated system, which uses a single-column chain-drive lifting mechanism, can be operated by a single person.