The Barry Callebaut Group has expanded its line of colored and flavored compound coatings and inclusions for food manufacturers and confectioners. The expanded portfolio includes mint, caramel, butterscotch, strawberry, blueberry, coconut, cappuccino, mocha, marshmallow and lemon.

“The colored and flavored product line is a unique option for our customers looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and tap into the ever-growing market for seasonal, limited-time offers and customized sweets,” said Laura Bergan, senior marketing manager at Barry Callebaut, which has a U.S. office in Chicago.

The products come in two ready-to-use forms: EZ melt coatings and 1M, 2M or 4M compound chips.

Baked foods may be dipped or drizzled with a colorful coating. Compound chips may update traditional baked foods recipes. Other potential applications include snack bars, ice cream, confections and seasonal, limited-time applications.