baby drop depositor
The BabyDrop Depositor from Empire Bakery Equipment.

The Macaron-Bar, devoted completely to selling the trendy French pastry it is named after, is nestled in the heart of Cincinnati's cosmopolitan Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. This modern idea for a bakery is the brain child of couple Patrick Moloughney and Nathan Sivitz, who lived together for a year in Los Angeles where they saw this growing macaron trend first hand. Patrick was a former Procter & Gamble brand manager with an eye for business and Nathan is a baker who studied pastry with a focus on macarons at The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica, California, and has taken a macaron master class at Ecole Lenôtre in Paris.

Thanks to using the BabyDrop Depositor from Empire Bakery Equipment, Macaron-Bar was able to increase production from 1,000 macarons to nearly 6,000 macarons per day.

“The BabyDrop Depositor pretty much came assembled, just plug and play,” Moloughney says. “Empire assisted with the training on how to operate and clean the machine, and we were ready to start working with it in just one day.”

From Empire Bakery Equipment, the BabyDrop family of cookie depositors has been designed to be one of the most compact, versatile dropping machines available today. With intuitive, easy-to-use touch screen control panels and a 200 recipe memory capacity BabyDrop Depositors are capable of producing up to 120 trays of consistent, high quality cookies per hour. With a large variety of configurations available BabyDrop Cookie Depositors are extremely flexible, making them ideal for a wide range of pastries and cookies - including the wildly popular French macarons. So let your cookie making imagination run wild.

Other bakery manufacturers feature depositors with a wide range of benefits.

The Hinds-Bock industrial metal pan depositing line is the most versatile with the highest throughputs in the industry. Automation modules can include pan oiler, paper cup de-nester, industrial batter depositor, diving positive shut off spouts, moist streusel depositor, dry ingredient depositor and more.

Bakon USA features the Gearwheel Depositor, a toothed wheel depositor used for accurate depositing. For the depositing of heavier creams or harder doughs like shortbread, additional in-feed rollers will be supplied. Typical applications are the depositing of shortbread, circles, stars, muffins, almond pastry, macaroons, brownies, Danish cookies, or butter cookies. Easy-to-clean, Bakon’s Gearwheel Depositor features a programmable touch-screen to control up to 25 different products. Adjusting the speed and amount of dosage can be made during production.

Perfect for making popular macarons, Bakon also offers the Drop TT tabletop depositor for the production of French macarons, éclairs or choux. The machine is very consistent, fast and extremely economical. It will save bakers and pastry chefs a lot of time and labor costs.

"Bakon USA has both exceptional customer service and vast advancements in high quality bakery equipment. The Drop TT is time saving and easy to use. If you are seeking quality along with exceptional customer service, look no further than Bakon USA," says Vincent Pilon, executive pastry chef for the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Designed to work over conveyors, the PRO Series food filling machine from Unifiller offers the greatest amount of flexibility and simplicity for an industrial food service production depositor. Capable of large volume deposits of cheesecake batter, muffin batter, mousse, cake batter fillings and more. It features a precise height adjustable mobile frame can be adjusted to individuals or conveyor systems; and a XL PC nozzle. The Pro 2000i allows for larger portion sizes and more power.

Unfiller’s Pro 2000i Bakery Depositor features the following benefits:

Deposit up to 110 deposits/minute based on deposit size
Large deposit range from 2 to 93 ounces (60 to 2750 milliliters)
Designed with the least number of parts to clean
Can be quickly and easily disassembled for cleaning and product change-over