The growth of online grocery shopping and a preference toward craft foods, fermented foods (think aged, cured or pickled foods like sauerkraut) and smoked flavors rank among the top food trends for 2015, according to retail expert Phil Lempert.

Lempert, working closely with ConAgra Foods, Inc., predicts the most significant changes next year will stem from a desire for bold-flavored foods that also offer health benefits, and shifts in approach to food shopping – both online and at brick-and-mortar stores. Other trends highlight new eating behaviors among Generation Z (those born after 1995) and boomers, as well as new technologies that improve the ease of reading and understanding of nutrition labels. 

"The top food trends for 2015 indicate people's palates are continuing to evolve and they are gravitating toward streamlined grocery shopping experiences that are convenient for their lifestyles," says Lempert. "In 2015, look for brands and merchants to advance their product offerings and shopping amenities to meet these demands."