When consumers pick up packaged donuts, they look at the expiration date – it’s a key factor in the purchase decision. According to Corbion Caravan research, an overwhelming 90% of consumers rate the expiration date as extremely/very important. The research also found:

86% of consumers who believe donuts should stay fresh 5-7 days would like 4-6 more days of freshness.

57% of consumers would buy additional varieties if the donuts lasted longer.

Ultra Fresh Sweet 275, the new enzyme solution from Corbion Caravan, adds freshness, enhances taste and texture, extends the expiration date and reduces waste.

“No one wants a hard, stale donut,” says Abby Ceule, Director, Product Portfolio & Category Management, Corbion Caravan. “People want sweets to be worth the calories. With Ultra Fresh Sweet, consumers get exactly what they want – great-tasting donuts that stay soft and delicious longer than before. Of course, donuts that taste better are eaten faster. Ultra Fresh Sweet is a great way to prompt repeat purchases and sampling of new varieties.”

Ultra Fresh Sweet builds on the proven success of Corbion Caravan’s industry-leading Ultra Fresh technology.

To learn more about Ultra Fresh solutions, visit Corbion.com/ultrafresh.