It is with great sadness that EFCO Products announces the passing of Sadie Effron on September 26, 2014, at the age of 107.

Sadie was tremendously influential in the history of EFCO Products. Beginning in 1930, she moved to Poughkeepsie to join her husband Bill as they worked tirelessly to build Effron Company into Effron Baking Supply Company. 

Sadie took on many roles at EFCO; from bookkeeper to corporate secretary. Sadie was a wonderful supporter of her husband Bill as he led the company through its second generation. Their sons Jack, Ira and Mike guided the company in its transition to EFCO Products.

Now in its fourth generation, Sadie and Bill's grandson Steven is EFCO's President/CEO. Sadie's legacy will live on at EFCO Products as well as the greater Poughkeepsie, New York, community.