Stratas Foods unveiled the latest frying oil in its heralded Frymax line of oils with exceptional fry life, high performance and low levels of saturated fats. Frymax Canola Supreme offers a balance that includes the lowest level of saturated fats available. The high oleic canola oil marketed by Stratas offers high levels of mono-unsaturated fat for frying stability, as well as a positive impact on cholesterol. Frymax Canola Supreme joins the Frymax Soy Supreme and Frymax Sun Supreme made with high oleic Soybean and high oleic Sunflower oils in its line of high performance frying oils.

“Our goal with Frymax is to offer a line of the highest quality oils with unique attributes to meet the demands of customers, but all exhibit high performance and exceptional fry life,” said David Tillman, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Stratas Foods. “Frymax Canola Supreme extends our outstanding product line with another high performance frying oil but combines that with a lower level of saturated fats which is important for many of our customers.”

Stratas Frymax Canola Supreme is made with 100 percent high oleic canola oil. The product has zero grams of trans fat per serving.

Frymax Canola Supreme is ideal for any traditional fried food, and offers benefits to the restaurant or food service operation. Among these are a substantial reduction in foaming and gumming in the fryer, and a natural resistance to breakdown.

“At Stratas, we look at what we call the Sweet Spot, and this product extends the frying sweet spot considerably,” added Tillman. “The sweet spot is that time when our oil is perfectly seasoned to bring the pure, natural flavor and golden brown color intended for the best quality fried foods. Frymax Canola Supreme extends that period which means less frequent oil changes. Less changing means less product needed over time, less time spent changing oil, which equates to less cost per day.”

Frymax Canola Supreme is being produced at the company’s production facility in Decatur, Illinois, and is available for order immediately.

Stratas will be presenting the new oil at the National Restaurant Association International Food Service Marketplace Show, May 17-20 at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago.