The American Institute of Baking (AIB) has entered into an agreement to acquire Beijing Sino-Swiss ADC Service Co., Ltd (SSADC), an officially approved certification body in Beijing, China. AIB officially purchased 51% of the company in December 2013, and will own 100% of the company once the final transaction is complete in December 2017.

“We are delighted with this acquisition in the fast-moving food safety segment of the global food industry”, said Andre Biane, CEO, AIB. “SSADC is a great addition that will enable AIB to extend our full portfolio of food safety services including training, helping clients improve their GMP practices in their facilities, and GFSI audits to our multinational and exporting clients. The acquisition aligns with our vision to be a leading, premier service provider for the food and beverage industry.”

The acquisition of SSADC will provide a platform for AIB to operate as a certification body in a new geography. “China is a key market for AIB. The joint venture with a Chinese-licensed food safety organization made the most business sense,” Biane said.

SSADC is a professional licensed organization through the Chinese government requirements. They are in compliance with EN 45011/ISO Guide 65, officially approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA). SSADC specializes in IFS, GlobalGAP, and ChinaGAP certification audits and currently covers more than 20 provinces in China. AIB expects to expand the certification audits offered through SSADC to include SQF, ISO 22000, and BRC licensing. Both AIB and SSADC have been closely monitoring the benchmarking process of China HACCP as a potential new food safety scheme. “We are delighted to establish this partnership with the 2 key principals of SSADC. Our two organizations have very common interests in helping to elevate the food safety capabilities of food and beverage manufacturers and exporters in China”, said Biane.

AIB plans to operate SSADC as a standalone business in China until the acquisition is completed in 2017. Senior members of SSADC’s management team, as well as local auditors and managerial staff, will work in collaboration with AIB’s existing China-based team. AIB will continue to provide its GMP inspection through its current AIB China operations, not through SSADC.