OHAUS Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer of scales and balances, announced the launch of the Valor™ 4000 and Valor 2000 lines of compact bench scales. These water resistant scales boast large, dual LED displays and offer fast, accurate results to improve safety, productivity and efficiency of food service weighing.

Valor 4000 and 2000 display results in less than half a second, producing accurate results almost instantly while increasing productivity in the workplace. Valor 4000’s four application modes include weighing, percent weighing, check weighing and accumulation and can meet the various weight determination needs of commercial kitchens, bakeries, delicatessens and retail stores. Valor 2000 provides accurate weight determination and checkweighing on select models, and is ideal for basic food processing applications that solely require fast and accurate weighing results.

Both models feature a FlowThru™ design and IPX8 construction that make the scales ideal for weighing liquids or working in wet environments. Additionally, cleaning the scales is safe and easy, ensuring the cleanliness of your workstation which is particularly important in processing applications. The food-safe design is also NSF Certified, USDA-AMS Accepted and supports HACCP-Certified systems. 

The highly durable 0.5 mm polycarbonate or stainless steel housing protects the scales when they come in contact with sharp object such as knives, scissors, and other kitchen tools. The keys on both Valor 4000 and Valor 2000 are protected from being damage that can be caused by sharp kitchen utensils, preventing the operator from having to interrupt their workflow to put down their utensil or tool before using the scales.

Boasting the largest dual LED displays in its class, the Valor 4000 and Valor 2000 can be easily utilized by two operators. Valor 4000 is NTEP Certified and Measurement Canada Approved, and can function as reference scale for retail applications in which both the operator and customer can see the weighing results.   The LED screens are almost an inch high and can be easily seen from a distance and in dark or dim conditions.

Both scales are Certified to NSF/ANSI 169 Special Purpose Food Equipment and Devices and USDA-AMS Accepted to NSF/ANSI /3-A 14159-1 Hygiene Requirements for the Design of Meat and Poultry Processing Equipment.

When performing checkweighing operations on the Valor 4000, the checklights clearly and quickly confirm results. The Valor 4000 also boasts a touchless, infrared sensor in the rear of the scale to offer hands-free operation of the tare function for the second operator and reduces the risk of food contamination on the scale.

The Valor 4000 and Valor 2000 have maximum external resolutions of 1;6,000/7,500 and display results in less than half of a second to increase productivity. The scales feature a 100-240 VAC universal power adapter that can be operated from virtually any power source and can be automatically switched to adapt to different power and voltage lines. For maximum portability and convenience, the built-in, rechargeable lead acid battery will provide power for 50 continuous hours.

For more information about the OHAUS Valor 4000 and Valor 2000 Food Scales, visit www.ohaus.com.