Steviva Ingredients, Inc. has developed Nectevia, an organic, stevia-enhanced agave syrup that may allow for sugar reduction of as much as 75% in products. Potential applications include baked foods, hot or cold beverages, condiments, and sauces and dressings. Nectevia also may act as a binding agent in cereals and bars.

The proprietary, liquid blend of agave nectar and purified steviol glycosides delivers a pleasant taste with a slight honey note, according to Portland-based Steviva Ingredients. An amber tint is virtually unnoticed in most applications. The viscosity of Nectevia is similar to syrup made with sucrose. Nectevia is four times sweeter than sucrose. It is 2.86 calories per gram, which compares with 4 calories per gram for sucrose.

Agave nectar has a fructose content of 85%, and it also has naturally occurring inulin. The enhanced sweetness comes from a proprietary blend of water-extracted Reb A and other steviol glycosides from the stevia plant. Nectevia’s pH of 4.3 to 4.8 makes it stable and prevents fermentation. Nectevia’s combination of fructose and stevia contribute to a low ranking (below 10) on the glycemic index scale, according to Steviva Ingredients.