With approximately one in three Americans trying to cut back or avoid gluten in their diets*, the analysts at GrubHub, a leading online and mobile food ordering service, tracked the trend at US takeout restaurants. An analysis of 2013 GrubHub orders reveals that menu items identified as gluten-free have grown in popularity with diners by nearly 60 percent since April 2012.

To better gauge the demand for gluten-free takeout, analysts examined orders from GrubHub's network of more than 20,000 restaurants in 500+ cities. Findings suggest that diners in the Pacific Northwest lead the demand for gluten-free goodies, with Seattle, Portland and Eugene, Ore., topping the list of cities with the highest percentage of gluten-free orders.

Where Are Diners Going Gluten-Free?

Portland, Ore.
Eugene, Ore.
San Jose, Calif.
Raleigh, N.C.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Los Angeles
Albany, NY

In addition to identifying the US cities with the highest gluten-free demand, GrubHub analysts determined the most popular gluten-free dishes. More than 4% of GrubHub restaurants now offer gluten-free options, and order data reveals specialty pizzas, salads, burgers, wraps and sandwiches to be the most-ordered gluten-free items.

"Local restaurants are continuing to meet the evolving needs of diners, and takeout is no exception," says Mike Evans, GrubHub co-founder and COO. "Whether our diners are searching for food that meets a dietary restriction, or are craving something very specific, GrubHub offers cuisine filters and smart searches that make it easy to find exactly what they want."

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