Achatz Handmade Pie Co. is branching out its product portfolio beyond its famous pies by creating appetizing new flavor combinations for cakes.

The most recent example for this multi-unit retail bakery is the lavender cake for Mother’s Day and other summer celebrations. This cake features a hint of lavender with a layer of signature blueberry filling and topped with a smooth honey-butter frosting.

Further, Achatz Handmade Pie Co. just opened its ninth retail location with a new store in Livonia, Michigan, just west of Detroit, where the innovative bakery is based.

This innovative company is also undergoing a type of branding makeover.

“We're "Pie Collective" By Achatz - the pie company you know and love, now with a new name and fresh look. We are the classic love story of the food world - he owned a diner, she was a waitress, and the rest is history. Five kids, a sold restaurant and several hundred pies later, Achatz Handmade Pie Company was born.”

Fast forward 28 years, and “we bring you Pie Collective. Not only is it easier to pronounce – but it also embodies so much more than just the Achatz name. Pie Collective is about the people behind the pie, the people who make our dreams a reality. From our farmers who provide us with the best ingredients, to our pie bakers that bake our fresh pies each morning, to you - the pie lovers - the ones out there buying, eating and sharing our pies with the world. Pie Collective represents a new generation of pie - one in which we connect, create, and collaborate.”