Krispy Kreme is partnering with the KIT KAT brand to introduce an all-new collection of three doughnuts packed with creamy chocolate and crispy wafers.

Beginning Wednesday, April 10 for a limited time at participating shops, fans can enjoy Krispy Kreme’s new KIT KAT Collection available in-shop and for pickup or delivery via Krispy Kreme’s app and website. New doughnut flavors include:

  • KIT KAT Crunch Doughnut – An Original Glazed Doughnut hand-dipped in rich HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate icing, finished with chopped KIT KAT pieces and chocolate flavored crispies
  • KIT KAT Cookie Dream Doughnut – An unglazed doughnut filled with cookie dough flavored Kreme, hand-dipped in HERSHEY’S Milk Chocolate icing and covered with chopped KIT KAT pieces, cookie crumbles and semi-sweet HERSHEY’S chips with a delicate drizzle of cookie dough flavored icing
  • KIT KAT Salted Caramel Brownie Doughnut – An Original Glazed doughnut topped with brownie batter-flavored buttercream, covered with chopped KIT KAT and brownie pieces, and finished with salted caramel flavored ribbons

“Life is busy. Take a break with our new KIT KAT Collection. Every creamy, crispy, chocolatey-sweet bite will help turn that busy day into a sweet one,” says Dave Skena, global chief brand officer for Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme fans can also find a limited time Krispy Kreme six-pack featuring the KIT KAT Crunch Doughnut and KIT KAT Salted Caramel Brownie Doughnut delivered fresh daily to select grocery stores. The assortment is available at participating local Walmart, Kroger, Food Lion, Publix, Stater Brothers and more stores.