Voodoo Doughnut has announced the launch of its Go-Tart Series. Each week, a distinct flavor profile will be showcased, offering a delightful surprise for doughnut enthusiasts.

“After the overwhelming response to the Strawberry go-tart, Voodoo fans demanded more of their favorite snack flavors, and we’re stoked to answer the call with the month-long Go-Tart Series,” says chief executive officer Chris Schultz.

This limited-edition collection, which debuted on Monday, March 4, features a new handcrafted creation each week:

  • Maple Brown Sugar Go-Tart (Available March 4-10) – Crafted with a cinnamon-infused whip filling, drenched in rich maple frosting and sprinkled with graham cracker crumble
  • Wild Berry Go-Tart (Available March 11-17) – Features vibrant Voonilla purple and bright blue frosting that will transport customers back to the 90s
  • Cookies N' Cream Go-Tart (Available March 18-24) – Filled with handcrafted, heavenly chocolate whip, covered in Voonilla frosting and smothered in cookie dust
  • Cherry Go-Tart (Available March 25-31) – Handcrafted with a burst of sweetness and subtle tartness in every bite of cherry filling, complete with a whimsical touch of pink frosting and sprinkles