The mind of star decorator Ashley Vicos is more like that of a crafter than an artist. And to her, that's a quality that makes her a smart decorator, especially when it comes to molds.

By creating her own custom molds, she is able to create custom cakes efficiently, and she has the power to use those molds to recreate other pieces that may or may not be just like the original mold. "Making molds is about efficiency," she says. "It takes hours to make a custom piece, but you can make a mold in 15 minutes."

By using silicone from Chef Rubber and just about any household item, Vicos can make a mold from just about anything. "Everywhere I go, my mind isn't on what I'm shopping for," she says. "I'm like, 'Could I make a cake out of that?'" From a metal starfish at a home decor store, to buttons or a snowflake ornament, Vicos sees no end to the possibilities.

You can see some of Ashley's innovative molds—including using a barbie-doll head to make a mold of a noted fashion designer—and other innovative cake designs on her new Food Network show, Have Cake, Will Travel. Visit for show times. And for silicone and other mold-making tools, visit