With National Sandwich Day coming up on Friday, November 3, ezCater surveyed 1,000 workers on the “State of the Sandwich” to uncover the latest sandwich trends, preferences and answers to a long-standing sandwich debate.

Sandwiches continue to be a lunchtime staple across the US, with 95 percent of workers eating a sandwich at least once during the work week. People look to sandwiches for comfort, convenience, reliability and fuel – especially during a busy workday.

Some more of the findings:

  • 80 percent of workers surveyed don’t think a hot dog is a sandwich.
  • 69 percent of workers rank mayo as their favorite condiment.
  • 80 percent of workers are team crust on vs. crust off.
  • Gen Z and Millennials are less traditional and more adventurous with their orders than Boomers and Gen X, who prefer the classics.

National Sandwich Day is celebrated in November for its supposed creator John Montagu’s (the 4th Earl of Sandwich) birthday. Lord Sandwich, known during his time as a frequent gambler, often spent hours on end at the gambling table. Legends suggests he wanted something he could eat without having to leave the table, so he was provided with beef slices and cheese in between two pieces of bread. When others copied this order and made it a trend, the sandwich was born.