Snacking and eating on-the-go have become a huge area of opportunity as consumers’ schedules continue to be flexible.

“We’ve seen an increase in the selection of grab-and-go options in the industry, including better-for-you and higher quality offerings,” explains Alyssa Barrett, customer marketing manager - convenience, Rich Products, Buffalo, New York. “We continue to innovate and introduce new grab-and-go options for consumers focusing on on-trend options like globally inspired options, new twists on old favorites and fully finished, ready-to-serve classics.”

In Rich’s Quarterly Consumer Sentiment Tracking Survey (Dec. 2022), 40% of consumers said they do not plan to change their bakery purchasing habits, but 20% are saying they plan to purchase more from retail in-store bakeries at the grocery store, and 15% are planning on purchasing more from quick-service retail bakeries (like Panera, Dunkin Donuts, etc.).

Offering LTOs (limited time offers) and seasonal flavors help generate excitement and entice consumers to keep coming back, Barrett says. When it comes to LTOs, many consumers purchase them on impulse: according to Datassential's LTOs Keynote Report of October ‘22, 63% of consumers' last LTO was an impulse purchase.

From the operator perspective, 61% say that they're a profit center for their business, making LTO strategy critical to success.

“Packaged sweet snacks are a high impulse item for consumers,” Barrett says. “To capture these impulse purchases, we suggest that retailers display packaged sweet snacks in highly visible areas – such as near the register, have eye-catching packaging, offer as part of a special promotion, or highlight a new/unique flavor.”

In other trends, the popularity of Hispanic flavors is growing. Rich’s offers a vast Hispanic Portfolio, so retailers, restaurants, and foodservice operations can offer a wide variety. Our Hispanic offerings span everything from tres leches and portioned desserts, to bakery items and traditional Rosca ring breads.

Rich’s offers a wide variety of individually packaged sweet snacks. They’re easy to eat on-the-go.

“We offer grab-and-go packaging that make it easier for consumers, such as items available in cups that fit into their vehicle’s cupholder -- like our Tres Leches Style Cake Cups and Parfaits -- and individually wrapped cookies or brownies that ensure long lasting great taste, safe consumption, and simplified display,” Barrett explains.